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Thornham Walks

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Thornham Walks stretch over 12 miles and are open to the public almost every day of the year. The Walks are part of the Thornham Estate and they are managed by the Henniker-Major family, who are committed to continuing the vision of the 8th Lord Henniker.

Lord and Lady Henniker at Thornham 1989
John & Julia Henniker at Thornham, 1989.
"I had always felt that because I was lucky enough to come into ownership of a lovely place like this,
I owed a duty to other people. I felt as far as I could, I ought to try and share it with people."
John Henniker-Major, 8th Lord Henniker and founder of Thornham Walks

Things to do and see at Thornham Walks

How will you spend you day at Thornham Walks? With a range of attractions to explore, you're in for a treat. 

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Looking Ahead

Thornham Walks frequently organises events throughout the year. From seasonal-themed celebrations to activities centred around exploring nature, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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